3x, Production House, Macedonia

Founded by two of the pioneers in the visual effects and 3D animation in the Balkans, Kristijan Danilovski and Milivoje Gorgevic, 3x promises to be the most exciting visual fx company in the region. Their main goal is to democratize visual fx by bringing it to new quality levels at unmatched competitiveness, as well as creating original high quality content. The company is now among the largest companies in the region with significant continuous growth every year in every aspect.

Through utilization of the latest technology they strive towards providing new and improving solutions whether it is visual effects for film, 3D character animation, or TV commercials.

Their handpicked team of artists consists of the best and most experienced talent available both from in-house grown talent during the past seven years and from other top level freelance artists. They put large efforts into further development of team skills, and building new ones for which they have built a complete in-house training facility for 3D animation and composition in order to continually increase the talent pool available to their clients. Overall, they deliver the star performance without the star attitude and at a very competitive level.

Sigurjon Einarsson (director) | Sir Andrew Motion (narration)
Jason Miko (producer) | Production House 3X (production)